Reason to specify #8

—> We’ll Always Be Fully Transparent With You….

Slate is a natural product.

And it’s precisely because of this, that it becomes tricky to compare the different options on a like for like basis.

Here are some of the points that people forget to take into account when choosing their slates:

  • The cost of labour

 A second or third quality slate is more expensive to fix because of the greater amount of sorting and grading required

  • Its longevity

What is the point of choosing a product that will only last 20 years when a good slate can last more than 5 times that?

  • Whether it will rust or not (or worse)

 It may be cheaper, but would your client like the look of a development with stained roofs throughout?

  • The grade chosen

 An ultra and first grade consignment will have a lot less wastage, and fewer substandard slates, than a standard grade. Does your quotation take this into account?

  • The guarantee provided and its credibility

 If there’s a guarantee, what’s its basis? The test results or is it simply a marketing gimmick? If there are problems 5 or 15 years down the line is that company really going to bail you out?

Work with SSQ and we promise you full transparency.

Like our slate, we’re committed for the long haul (35 years and counting), so we’ve no incentive to pull the wool over your eyes.

So if you would like a quotation, or simply some complimentary samples, please leave your details below and we’ll get this arranged: