Reason to specify #17

Del Carmen roofing slate, with its distinctive faintly-rippled riven texture, deep blue-black colour and characteristic longitudinal grain, will crown your building in truly spectacular style.

An exclusive slate from the Del Carmen quarry in the Cabrera Mountains of North-West Spain, it is consistently hand picked by architects around the world for its unrivalled beauty and exceptional high quality. The unique colour is totally natural and will not fade, even in the strongest sunlight.

It is our reason #17 why you should be considering SSQ for your upcoming slate project.

Unlike other slate brands, every Del Carmen slate comes from the same uninterrupted seam of high quality stone. Other brands may substitute slates from different quarries and different seams – when it comes to Del Carmen, there are no substitutes.

We know that you need to be able to rely on the roofing slate you select to be consistent in terms of quality, effectiveness and sheer beauty… and with Del Carmen, that’s exactly what you get.

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alternative slate to welsh blue

Del Carmen has been accepted as an alternative to indigenous material by English Heritage and Historic Scotland

Trusted At The Highest Level

Del Carmen is proven to be of such consistently high quality that it is one of the few imported slates that has, in the past, been accepted for use as an alternative to indigenous material by English Heritage and Historic Scotland, the leading authorities charged with preserving Britain’s landmark structures, such as Buckingham Palace and the British Museum.

Often thought, globally, to be more desirable than Welsh slate because of its darker colour, Del Carmen is also certified for use in the Snowdonia National Park area of North Wales as well as by the French authorities (and the French know a thing or two about slate given that over 80% of global slate production goes there!).

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Guaranteed To Outlive The Building

When it comes to choosing what to put on your roof, there should be no risks involved. That’s why we bear all the risk and guarantee your Del Carmen roof for up to 100 years. With the average lifetime of a building being considerably less than that – your roof is guaranteed by SSQ to outlive the building.

We are able to do this because we know from experience that your roof will last. There has never been a single recorded failure of Del Carmen (either as a fit for purpose roofing material or from an aesthetic perspective) since its first use in the UK or in Europe.

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Proven Quality

slate with nf 228 status

Del Carmen has NF 228 status and barcode traceability so you can be confident of consistently getting top quality slate

Del Carmen has consistently excelled in its testing – by any standard. Whether it’s the arduous Norm Francais (NF 228), the equally demanding ASTM American standard or the current European Standard (BS EN 12326), we have test results to show its remarkable consistency over the years. Download the brochure to see the test results.

As Del Carmen has the much sought after NF 228 status, it has barcode traceability so you can be 100% confident that you’re getting consistent, top quality slate every time. Find out more about barcode traceability here.

Visit The Source

SSQ quarry at Del Carmen

We organise regular trips to our Del Carmen Quarry in Spain

At Del Carmen, our name is our address. Our slate comes from the same quarry – from project to project and decade to decade – guaranteed. You are more than welcome to visit; indeed we organise regular trips to say thanks to our great clients:

Del Carmen: Crta. León s/n, 24.746 La Baña, España

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