The Only RIBA Approved CPD for Natural Phyllite


Many people don’t realise that SSQ’s signature stone is not slate; it’s phyllite. The untrained eye may not immediately be able to tell the difference between slate and phyllite but the best specifiers know how important it is to understand both stones.

Harder, denser and stronger than slate, phyllite has larger crystals which means more light is reflected off the surface giving the cut stone a distinctive sheen. It’s perfect for flooring, swimming pools, patios, cladding, stairs, skirtings, worktops, copings and sills.

Phyllite architectural stone is used in some of the most prestigious projects in the world. Projects like The Four Seasons in New York, the Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau, China, the prestigious Topography of Terror Museum in Berlin, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, and private luxury homes across Europe all feature SSQ phyllite.

Medical Centre, Denmark – Riverstone Phyllite, Brushed finish

Many architects have already attended SSQ’s architectural stone CPD – the only RIBA approved CPD for natural phyllite – to learn everything they need to know about phyllite and add another type of stone to their specifying arsenal. Our CPD will leave you fully equipped with everything you need to know about when and how to specify natural phyllite and delight your more discerning clients.

At the natural phyllite CPD you will learn:

  • The EXACT difference between slate and phyllite, and how to decide which you should use
  • The 4 most popular surface finishes
  • Examples of the most breath-taking phyllite flooring and cladding designs and applications from around the world
  • How to achieve a problem-free phyllite specification every time
  • A simple way to understand the legal requirements when it comes to specifying phyllite
  • How to get access to the highest quality, rare, commercially available phyllite
  • How to specify random coursed phyllite flooring and cladding
  • The exact methods used to produce high quality phyllite

If you’re looking for a CPD that is genuinely interesting and immediately useful book the SSQ Architectural Stone CPD today. Click here to book your CPD. 

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