Del Carmen: A Quality Alternative To Expensive Indigenous Slate

When it comes to choosing slate in the UK many people assume Welsh is always the best option but they don’t realise there is a genuine alternative to expensive indigenous slate. Del Carmen tests to the highest quality standards, has the same look and composition as Welsh slate, and there is stock on the ground so your project can progress without delay. Request a sample pack or get a quote here.

Consistent Quality and Aesthetic

Del Carmen is an ideal alternative to Welsh slate because of the extremely close similarity between the two in terms of both quality and aesthetic. The results of independent testing concluded that Del Carmen has “a virtually identical composition” to Cwt y Bugail, the dark blue grey Welsh slate. Independent expert geologist Barry Hunt explains why. “There’s all sorts of arguments over Spanish vs Welsh vs slates from elsewhere,” he says, “but actually many of these darker slates come from roughly the same geological time period and sequences.”

In fact, Del Carmen looks so similar to Welsh slate that we once had an experienced conservation architect call us to complain he had been sent the wrong slate sample. “I requested a sample of Del Carmen, but you’ve sent me a piece of Welsh slate, he insisted. It took a few minutes of discussion to convince him the piece of slate he held in his hand was indeed Del Carmen.

Trusted By English Heritage and Historic Scotland

Del Carmen is proven to be of such consistently high quality that it has in the past been accepted for use as an alternative to indigenous material by both English Heritage and Historic Scotland, the authorities charged with preserving Britain’s landmark structures.

Del Carmen was also the first, and remains one of the few, non-indigenous slates certified for use in Snowdonia National Park in the heartland of the Welsh slate district.

Cost and Availability

Not only is Del Carmen in stock on the ground in the UK and ready to ship, it’s also considerably more affordable than Welsh slate. It’s important to realise that a more affordable slate does not mean a poorer performing one. The price of any particular slate depends on many factors including the ease of extraction and dressing. Del Carmen has met or surpassed the strictest testing requirements, not just in the UK but globally. In fact, internationally Del Carmen is often thought to be more desirable than Welsh slate.

A Spanish Slate With A Difference

Del Carmen is not a typical Spanish Slate. It comes from a single quarry and a single source, and it has done since the beginning. Unlike many other slates, Del Carmen is not a brand name for a group of quarries. Every Del Carmen slate comes from the same uninterrupted seam of high quality stone. There is no risk of problems with pyrites because Del Carmen is pyrite-free. In fact, such is the quality of Del Carmen, it comes with a 100-year guarantee.

Del Carmen has consistently excelled in its testing – by any standard. Whether it’s the arduous Norm Francais (NF 228), the equally demanding ASTM American standard or the current European Standard (BS EN 12326), we have test results to show its remarkable consistency over the years. Download the brochure to see the test results.

As Del Carmen has the much sought after NF 228 status, it has barcode traceability so you can be 100% confident that you’re getting consistent, top quality slate every time.

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The Truth About Spanish Slate

What The Expert Says

We asked independent expert geologist, Barry Hunt, to give us a detailed description of Del Carmen slate. He’s familiar with the stone, as well as Welsh slate, and has tested and compared both in the past. See what he had to say in the video below.