Del Carmen: An Excellent Alternative To Welsh Slate


At SSQ, we are so confident in the quality and integrity of our Del Carmen Spanish Slate that we sent TBV Stanger samples to compare against the revered Cwt y Bugail Welsh Slate.

In the comparison report, Del Carmen proved itself as a leading alternative. The report includes a geochemical analysis and X-Rays, which clearly show Del Carmen shares almost identical properties with the Cwt y Bugail. To quote the report: “The Welsh slate had a virtually identical mineralogical composition to the Del Carmen slates based on the x-ray diffraction results.”

Both slate samples also showed a well-defined cleavage, and grain directions were identified parallel to the slate in both samples. However, the grain in the Del Carmen was moderately prominent, while it only appeared as a trace in the Cwt y Bugail slate.

This is an amazing result for Spain’s finest roofing slate, which also offers the added benefits of being unconditionally guaranteed for life from both an aesthetic and performance perspective (it conforms to the market leading NF 228 standard, comes with a lifetime performance guarantee and is also guaranteed against rust for the duration of its lifespan).

In addition, microcrystalline areas were also analysed from both samples. Whilst the Cwt y Bugail slate areas were: “fairly uniformly interdispersed with coarser areas,” Del Carmen was highlighted as having a: “strongly defined compositional and textural layering with coarser grained quartz rich bands and lenses.”

This means our slate appears dark grey in colour with a smooth surface texture, in comparison to the Cwt y Bugail slate which appeared medium grey and slightly rougher.

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Our Del Carmen slate offers superior high quality and an aesthetic finish comparable to indigenous materials. The ideal alternative, it has previously been accepted for use as an alternative to indigenous material by both Historic England and Historic Scotland.

View Del Carmen on roofs in our Del Carmen case studies or request free sample here.