Does size really matter? Not always.

Slate unlike many other products on the market comes in many different sizes and surprisingly, the largest ones aren’t always the answer you are looking for when specifying.

So, what is the slate size you really need for your roof?

The answer will depend on the several factors like the pitch of the roof, the exposure and the location in order to secure a weathertight, fit for purpose roof.

After forty years of experience in the slate industry, we appreciate that although common slate sizes are easy to find on the market, often the most spectacular results are achieved by thinking outside of the box.

Slate being one of the oldest roofing materials was historically laid in diminishing courses. With largest slate tiles being at the top and smaller sizes gradually laid up to the ridge. However, with years and years of investments in the slate industry, various production technics made your options for natural slate sizes infinite.

So, why should you choose a different size or shape?

The pitch of the roof can drastically affect the slate size, as aesthetically for the pitch of 30° and above using small slates tend to be more convenient. Same applies for the complicated roofs with lots of features, valleys and ridges, where all the details of the roof can be easily highlighted with smaller slate ties.

Thinking outside of the box, can often help with an overspent budget as well. The size of the slate has an immense impact on the costs of the project. Smaller slates tend to cost less per square metre than large size slates making the price more competitive.

So, can you specify on your own?

The answer is yes! With a little help from SSQ, you can achieve the unthinkable with natural slates. We are here to support all your creative ideas no matter how big or small they are! In the words of our very own Technical Director Richard Cook: “I do what I’m best at – educating and advising specifiers to what is best suited for their projects!”