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Looking for a quality natural slate supplier? Your search is over.

When you’re choosing a natural slate supplier there are a few key things to look for:

  1. Consistent stock levels on the ground (so you can get the slate you need, at the moment you need it)
  2. Competitive prices (so you know you’re getting the best value, every time)
  3. Unmatched support on site and off (so you never have any unexpected delays)
  4. Solid product guarantees (because there’s no need for you to take any risk)
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SSQ have the largest stock holding in the UK and with the best support you’ll have to worry about your slate supplier

As not just slate suppliers, but quarry owners and producers, we have set the standard for other natural slate suppliers.

We have the largest stock holding in the UK and the best support so whatever you have to worry about on a job, it will never be your slate supplier.

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered…

Natural Roofing Slate Design and Fixing Guide

Our design and fixing guide give you all the practical advice you need to fix roofing slates. The guide is free, click here to get your copy now.

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Want To Know If We Can Supply an Equivalent Slate for Your Job Spec?

We have a comprehensive range of natural slate, so it’s not often that we can’t supply what you need. Just give us the details here and we’ll get back to you immediately, or you can always call us on +44 (0) 208 961 7725.

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Need A Brochure Or Info For Your Client?

Download SSQ’s Del Carmen brochure, one of our leading slates, by clicking here.

As a construction professional, you can also get free access to our Resources Centre that has all the product info, technical info and detailed case studies you need. There are even some video case studies you can share with your clients.

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“Being both high quality and cost-effective, Del Carmen slate from SSQ is proving very popular with specifiers and contractors alike for refurbishment as well as for new build projects.”

Mr Roy Clark, Baxter Clark and Paul