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Looking for a selection of the best “heritages slates” available in the UK? You’re in the right place.

It is with great pride we tell you that several SSQ slates have on numerous occasions in the past, been accepted as an alternative to indigenous material for use on listed buildings and approved for general use in conservation areas for the best part of a decade.

We know what you’re thinking – imported slate? Accepted previously by the various UK Heritage agencies? Why wouldn’t we just use local materials?

We get that question a lot and, leaving aside budgetary issues which often prove to be a stumbling block to local slate use anyway, the simple truth is there isn’t enough indigenous slate to go round, and so the next best alternatives sometimes have to be sourced from outside these shores.

We have a story that explains it all for you from our head of marketing…

“Please Stop Calling! It’s NOT Welsh.”

Our receptionist is smart as a whip and confident to boot… but I’m not sure she was equipped to have lengthy conversations with architects about the origins of a particular slate. Just recently I overheard her conversation with an architect who was calling to complain that he had been sent the wrong slate sample.

It went something like this: “I promise you haven’t been sent the wrong sample, it’s not Welsh. It’s our Del Carmen slate… yes I know you have a lot of experience with slate and heritage agencies, and I know it looks like Welsh slate, but that’s our Del Carmen…”

Here’s the thing…

del carmen heritage approved

SSQ have a great range of slates that have been approved for use in conservation areas

…Even the most experienced conservation architect would be forgiven for making this phone call and requiring 5 minutes of convincing before believing that the slate he held in his hands wasn’t Welsh.

So to make life easier for our long-suffering receptionist, I’m going to pre-empt your call by giving you my assurance that yes, it looks Welsh, it’s accepted in the past by the heritage agencies as an alternative to Welsh… but it’s not Welsh.

To prove it, I’ve put together a bespoke Conservation Sample Pack that let’s you see our heritage accepted slate and some stunning examples of finished projects.

(And dare I say, some prefer it to than Welsh slate – but I’ll let you judge that for yourself).

Haroun El-Helw, Head of Marketing


As he says, these packs are often out of stock because of the great demand for them, so claim yours today and see if you agree that Del Carmen, (Riverstone, Domiz and Matacouta) are great alternatives to local materials. With a great range of heritage accepted slates, these individuals, authorities and trusts have chosen SSQ slates as a genuine alternative to indigenous materials:

  • Conservation Officers
  • Planning Officers
  • National Trust
  • English Heritage
  • Historic Scotland
  • Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia National Park
  • Cadw – Welsh Government’s historic environment service

For full details of our heritage products and in-depth case studies, request a free bespoke conservation sample pack now. While you wait for your complete conservation pack to arrive, you can get an initial glimpse of our previous heritage projects in the gallery here

“With so many ‘interested parties’ the local planners set their minds on a natural slate roof at a very early stage of the project and, from this starting point, we needed something that would satisfy a number of technical and aesthetic requirements – SSQ Domiz blue-grey, was the one chosen for use to compliment the local ‘Shere Green’ colour.”

Ben Hunt, Total Project Integration

Heritage Accepted SSQ Slate

ssq slate for approved heritage projects

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Previously accepted SSQ Slates include:

  1. Del Carmen
  2. Riverstone
  3. Matacouta
  4. Domiz

If you would like to talk to a slate expert, contact us today and get your specific questions answered personally.