Premier Inn Benefits From SSQ’s Slate Installation

In order to achieve a uniform aesthetic at Haverfordwest’s brand new 60 bed Premier Inn and Marstons pub, more than 35,000 of SSQ’s Del Carmen and Monteverde slates have recently been installed.

 With the new buildings erected alongside one another, it was important to ensure that the two roofs complemented each other perfectly. This was made possible through the installation of SSQ’s Del Carmen and Monte Verde slates, which were nail fixed in place across both buildings.

Phillip Jones, Trainee Surveyor at M.Camilleri & Sons Roofing Ltd said: “We required a slate that was not only easy to work with, but one that would also fit in with the look of the buildings too. Originally, indigenous slates were selected however, these proved to be incredibly costly – therefore, we needed to find a more cost-effective natural slate solution that would work just as well.”

He continued: “SSQ’s Spanish slates were the ideal solution. Nowhere near as costly as alternatives, the slates delivered the outstanding aesthetics that we were looking for without compromising on quality.”

Premier Inn 1

SSQ’s Del Carmen slate is tested to NF228 standards – the world’s leading slate standard introduced in France which tests for water absorption levels, flexural and transversal strengths, density and the carbonate and non carbonate content. This independent testing procedure ensures that NF certified slates will not rust or leach and importantly, will not fade over time.

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