Slate Testing

When choosing slate for your roof you want something that will look great and perform well in the long-term, right?

But how can you tell?

In the world of natural stone, identifying the right product to suit your requirements can be a challenge.

So let’s make it simple, so that you know exactly what you are getting for your investment.

You can read more about slate testing and standards here (and find out why a CE mark tells you nothing about the quality of a slate).

You can see certificates for the very best products that we offer here – our Ultra range. These slates all have the sought after W1-T1-S1 test results – the best performance possible.

In short, these products are the best of the best and are guaranteed to last a minimum of 100 years. So if you… or one of your great grandchildren should have a problem in the next 100 years, let us know and we’ll repair or replace your roof for free.

Read more about the SSQ 100 Year Slate guarantee here.