Riverstone: An Alternative to Indigenous Cornish Slate

In South West England Riverstone is a popular alternative to Cornish slate. Its colour, quality and performance make it a perfect alternative to Delabole slate, which is why it has been consistently accepted for use in the past by conservation and planning officers in the South West. Riverstone costs up to 50% less than Delabole and is available without extended wait times – we have stock on the ground and can deliver tomorrow. Request a sample pack or get a quote here.

Trusted Throughout South West England And Beyond

Riverstone has a track record of being accepted for use by conservation and planning officers in South West England for everything from buildings in conservation areas, grade II listed buildings, and projects where the slate was blended with existing Delabole slate, to prestigious public buildings, and coastal sites subject to extreme weather conditions. Riverstone slate has been used on the following projects, to name a few:

  • The Maritime Museum, Falmouth, Cornwall
  • Duchy of Cornwall
  • Regal Heritage, Cornwall
  • Blachford Manor (Grade II), Devon (to blend with Delabole)
  • Trewanna Manor (Grade II), Cornwall
  • Tregothnan Estate, Cornwall

National Maritime Museum, Falmouth, Cornwall

A more extensive reference list of notable UK Riverstone projects is included in the sample pack – request your Riverstone sample pack here.

For some experts Riverstone is the first choice for aesthetics and performance. Independent Chartered Geologist and Surveyor, Barry Hunt, saw the first shipment of Riverstone slates arrive in Falmouth over 20 years ago. He says, “I fell in love with the material when it came in – I tested that first shipment – so much so that I ended up getting it for my own roof.”

With a 100-year guarantee and not a single failure since introduction to the UK market over two decades ago, Riverstone is a beautiful slate you can trust.

Benefits Of Using Riverstone As An Alternative To Indigenous Slate

1. Quality

Riverstone slate comes from the SSQ owned and operated San Luis quarry in La Repressa, central Argentina. Quarried for centuries, our prized reserves date back over 600 million years. Every Riverstone slate is hand split and comes from the same high quality seam of rock, so you can be sure you’ll get consistent quality, performance and beauty from each and every slate.

Riverstone has been tested to the highest standards in the industry and is arguably a higher quality slate than Delabole. Geologically speaking Riverstone is technically a phyllite – harder, denser and stronger than slate.

“In summary, the two slates [Riverstone and Delabole] are similar both aesthetically and physically, although I would consider the Riverstone stronger and therefore potentially more durable.” – Barry Hunt, BSc MSc MASI MCIOB CGeol EurGeol FGS MRICS FRMS, Director IBIS Limited

2. Availability and Cost

Not only is Riverstone in stock on the ground in the UK and ready to ship, it’s also considerably more affordable that Delabole. It’s important to realise that a more affordable slate does not mean a poorer performing one. The price of any particular slate depends on many factors including the ease of extraction and dressing. The quality of Riverstone is unrivalled.

The savings to be made with Riverstone don’t stop at the cost of the slates themselves. When you use Riverstone the whole roofing construction costs less. Riverstone’s higher strength means thinner slates can be prepared, and thinner slates mean a lighter roof so less expensive roofing constructions can be designed.

3. Consistent Aesthetic

Riverstone and its closest indigenous equivalent, Delabole, were formed in the same way and consist of similar minerals and features so they weather in a similar way. Over time, Riverstone continues to give a consistent aesthetic next to indigenous slates.

See the Quality and Beauty of Riverstone for Yourself:

What The Expert Says

We asked independent expert geologist, Barry Hunt, to give us a detailed description of Riverstone slate. He’s familiar with the stone, as well as Delabole, and has tested and compared both in the past. See what he had to say in the video below.