Del Prado Slate – For An Elegant Blue-Black Roof

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Quarried and hand split especially for SSQ in North West Spain, Del Prado slate has an elegant blue-black colour and strong, deep texture.

Del Prado slates glimmer in the sunlight and greatly enhance the design of the building

For a stunning roof finish, look no further as Del Prado is the perfect choice for you. The natural minerals, glimmering in the sunlight, will make the roof a striking feature and will greatly enhance the design of your building.

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Reliable Quality

SSQ Del Prado undergoes strict quality control at every stage of the journey to the final destination. Each pallet leaving the quarry is subject to inspection and certification. Independent, random spot checks are also carried out to ensure the best quality.

In addition to passing SSQ’s own rigorous quality-control tests, Del Prado has been tested in accordance with EN 12326, carries the CE marking and is classified as ‘W1, T1, S1’. SSQ Del Prado also complies with the arduous Norm Francais (NF 228), which has the strictest slate testing criteria and procedures in the world.

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The Del Prado Guarantee

SSQ Del Prado complies with the arduous Norm Francais (NF 228) and it is guaranteed for up to 100 years

You should never have to bear any risk when you’re choosing what to put on your roof. If you can’t rely on the roof over your head, what can you rely on?

That’s why we take on all the risk and guarantee your Del Prado roof for up to 75 years. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning sight of your roof.

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