Matacouta Heavy Slate – Scotland’s Adopted Roofing Gem

SSQ Matacouta Heavy Slate is Scotland’s adopted gem –  the ultimate in natural roofing slate.

Cut from the finest Cabrera Mountains of North-West Spain, Matacouta is a favourite of Scottish architects as an alternative to indigenous Scottish stone.

Find out why these Scottish architects are choosing Matacouta as an alternative to the unavailable Ballachulish slate: Click here to download the Matacouta brochure

Scotland has a unique architectural style. The buildings in Scotland can’t be rivalled anywhere else – a subtle blend of design environment, history and natural materials has created a traditional character that is worthy of a trademark.

SSQ Matacouta Heavy roofing slate lends itself to this tradition and has been accepted in its adopted homeland as the finest roofing material available on the market.

Specially hand split as a thicker roofing slate, the extra depth adds character to the buildings it decorates as well as providing the essential extra protection that the harsh Scottish climate demands.

View the Matacouta case study gallery here.

historic scotland certified slate

Matacouta has been accepted by Historic Scotland and is a favourite of Scottish architects as an alternative to indigenous Scottish stone

Matacouta’s track record is so strong that has been accepted in the past by Historic Scotland for use on listed buildings.

Matacouta Heavy has an astoundingly deep blue-black colour, it exhibits a naturally riven texture, and is unique to the quarry from where the slate takes its name. The distinctive colour is completely natural and devoid of artificial pigments – it will not fade even when exposed to the harshest environments.

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Proven Quality and Transparent Traceability

Matacouta has achieved exceptional results in testing to the current European Standard (BS EN 12326).

And as the material’s brand is the same as the quarry’s name, every slate can be easily and accurately traced back to its source. Other brands may substitute slates from different quarries and different seams leaving you with inconsistencies in your roof – this never happens with Matacouta so you can have 100% confidence in your roof.

Visit The Source

At Matacouta, our name is our address. Our slate comes from the same quarry – from project to project and decade to decade – guaranteed. You are more than welcome to visit, indeed we organise regular trips to show our appreciation to our great clients:

Pizarras Matacouta, Prje. El Albar, S/N 24746 , La Baña, Spain

The Matacouta Guarantee

Matacouta slate guaranteed for 100 years

We place a 100 year guarantee on our Matacouta Heavy (Ultra range) slate

When it comes to choosing what to put on your roof, there should be no risks involved. That’s why we bear all the risk and guarantee your Matacouta Heavy (Ultra range) roof for 100 years. With the average lifetime of a building being approximately 75 years – your roof is guaranteed by SSQ to outlive the building!

Click here to download the Matacouta brochure.