SSQ’s Rust Free Guarantee:
The Only Slate That Comes With A True No-Rust Guarantee

The most common problem with sub-par slate is rust. Within months or years unstable pyrites in the slate start to oxidise leaving you with unsightly brown marks on your roof. And it’s not just an aesthetic problem; over time the rusting slates can flake and hole eventually leading to the failure of the roof.

SSQ slate is slate with a difference. Our premium slates are free from reactive pyrites and haven’t had a single instance of rusting since being introduced to the UK market over 30 years ago.

Unstable pyrites in the slate start to oxidise leaving you with unsightly brown marks on your roof

Our premium slates come with a 75 or 100-year guarantee that now includes an additional Rust Free Guarantee

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Without a Rust Free Guarantee

The reality is there’s a higher volume of poor grade slate in the market than ever before. Over half of the slate supplied from Spain has the potential to rust and in the absence of barcode traceability on the product and a comprehensive guarantee, you are at risk. To ease your mind and prove that our slate doesn’t rust, we have introduced our unique Rust Free Guarantee.

SSQ are the only slate supplier offering a comprehensive no-rust guarantee. Others may offer to send you replacement slates if rusting occurs, but the SSQ Rust Free Guarantee covers the replacement slates plus labour, materials and removal costs. Our premium slates (Riverstone, Del Carmen, Del Prado and Domiz) come with a 75 or 100-year guarantee that now includes this additional Rust Free Guarantee. So in the highly unlikely event that rusting does occur you’re 100% covered.

How Are We Able To Offer This Unique Guarantee?

SSQ specialise exclusively in natural slate so we’re able to buy production in bulk and get access to the very highest quality slate at the best prices. Our slate has barcode traceability so we can be sure that every single slate we sell is from a consistent seam of high quality rock.

Why The T1 Standard Is Not Enough

There is an industry standard test to check slates for rusting. Theoretically a slate that tests to this T1 standard shouldn’t rust but in practice the test is limited as it’s only performed on a handful of slates that can never be representative of an entire quarry. So T1 compliancy is not enough to guarantee a slate won’t rust or oxidise. In addition to T1 status, a comprehensive rust-free guarantee is essential when choosing slate for your project. Choose SSQ and get a roof that lasts, guaranteed.


SSQ’s main aim is to continue to deliver high level of service whilst keeping our team healthy by fully complying with the government’s guidelines.

We are continuing to closely monitor the situation and in the meantime service levels will remain unchanged and we will continue to operate in the coming weeks.

Our phone lines remain open and our technical department is still handling enquiries swiftly. In addition to this, we have started to host weekly webinars on natural slate and phyllite. For more information please check our social media.

We wish you well during these challenging times and we thank you for your continued support!