Stanwick Lakes Visitor Centre, Del Carmen Ultra

Location: Stanwick Lakes Visitor Centre, Stanwick Lakes, Northamptonshire, UK
Architect: Laurie Wood Architects
Slate Used: SSQ Del Carmen Ultra, Blue-black roofing slate

Originally a 600-acre gravel quarry, the area has been restored back to nature and is now a Site of Special Scientific Interest managed by Rockingham Forest Trust. Designed by Laurie Wood Architects, the construction of the park’s stunning visitor centre embraces the key principales of environemtal sustainability and is designed to be low energy and carbon neutral.

“We’ve had experience of laying curved, slate roofs in the past but, even so, this one was a real challenge.” Said Strandor Roofing’s Richard Threadgold. “Apart from the surface being concave, the verges are different lengths [11m and 7m] and diverge, we were asked to use a 200mm wide slate for the eaves, a mixture of different slate widths and had to finish with a single, 500 x 375mm slate at the roof’s apex! We knew that careful planning, accurate setting out and hook fixing were going to be essential and they really paid off.”

“Our new visitor centre at Staniwick Lakes is incredibly popular with visitors and the local community.” Said Alyson Allfree, director of Rockingham Forest Trust. “And we love the swooping roof – it’s smart, durable and fits well with its surroundings.”

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