Why Del Carmen?


Steve Dyke, our Regional Business Manager in the South East spoke to Phil Collins of PC Roofing from Orpington, Kent to ask why he only works with Del Carmen First on all of his Slate projects.

The conversation went something like this:  

Steve: “So Phil, why do you always ask for Del Carmen whenever you have a slating job?”

Phil: “Well, its easy, about 10 years ago, I had been using another slate on a number of projects. For about 2 to 3 jobs these were fine, they looked good and were at the right price for me. Unfortunately, after a while, the consistency of these slates got worse, despite the price still being good. I had an unfortunate incident with a roof that suffered from severe rusting of the slates. It looked awful!”

Steve: “What has changed?”

Phil: “Not sure to be honest, but the crates started turning up with varying quantities, and the time it took to grade them increased greatly.”

Steve: “So basically, the selection and consistency of slates got worse?”

Phil: “Basically, yes!”

Steve: “What happened with the job where the slates rusted?”

Phil: “Well, despite my attempts to resolve this matter, no one would take responsibility. I was told that I had purchased what was classed as a mixed grade slate and therefore the chance of the slates rusting could increase, and that slate is a natural product after all. The Merchant that I purchased them through, tried to help me to resolve this but the importer of the slates said, you get what you payed for. At the end of the day, it was my client and more importantly my reputation, so I had to sort the roof out myself at a considerable cost to me.”

Steve: “Well, that leads us nicely on to our Del Carmen then?”

Phil: “Yes, I wouldn’t use anything else now. The slates are very consistent in quality, require minimal grading, cut really nicely when needed and look absolutely beautiful on the roof.”

Steve: “So what about having to pay that little bit more?”

Phil: “Well they could always be cheaper, but they are worth it. Not only are the slates one of the best that I have ever used, but I am confident that I will never have to go through the issues like I had with the other slates. As you have always told me, the Del Carmen First have a proven track record, and in my opinion, they look stunning, even on the smaller projects.”

Steve: “Well Phil, thanks for your time and your opinion on our Del Carmen First slates. I am glad that you still feel they are worth paying that little bit more for and I look forward to your next order.”

Phil: It’s a pleasure Steve and be sure I will be in touch when the next slate job comes up.”

At SSQ we know the importance of being able to rely on the roofing slate that you select for your projects to be consistent in terms of quality, effectiveness, and sheer beauty… with Del Carmen, that is exactly what you get.