With over 30 years’ experience in the slate roofing industry, SSQ has been selected to provide 185,000 of its Del Carmen, Ultra grade, slates to the Royal Military Academy in Surrey.

Fixed directly to the battens with 38mm x 3.35mm copper nails, in order to deliver a sleek, uniform look that would blend in well with the prestigious aesthetic of the building, SSQ’s Del Carmen Ultra slates span twelve roofs at the military academy based in Sandhurst, covering an impressive 9,700 sq m in total.

military academy slate roof

Simon Mawer, manager of installer, C.E.L said, “SSQ’s Del Carmen Ultra slate was primarily chosen due to how cost effective we felt it was. In order to preserve the building long into the future, we needed to sympathetically update the academy, without compromising its traditional aesthetics. Del Carmen Ultra not only provided the ideal look we required but was also the most financially viable option too, given the sheer scale of the project, so it was an easy to decision to make.”

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