Riverstone Phyllite – The Diamond of the Slate World, Giving You The Ultimate Roof

Riverstone Natural Phyllite

Riverstone is the diamond of natural roofing slate. SSQ’s signature slate is not actually slate, it is phyllite. Harder, denser and stronger than slate, phyllite is a perfect stone for any design challenge or artistic feature.

With only a handful of sources known worldwide, commercially accessible phyllite stone is rare. Riverstone is one of very few top quality phyllite slates available.

Its quality and exclusivity explains why it is used in the most prestigious projects, not just in the UK, but worldwide.

If you are looking for the absolute best – that something special for your roofing, cladding or architectural project – then you have come to the right place.

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Like No Other Slate You’ve Ever Seen

Stunning roof design with Riverstone

Riverstone natural phyllite has a slightly coarser grain and a unique satin-like luster

Slate is formed when mudrock is buried deep beneath the earth’s surface and exposed to great pressure and temperatures that would make the mercury in your thermometer boil instantly. When you leave slate ‘in the oven’ for a little longer, it becomes phyllite.

Hand split, just like slate, Riverstone natural phyllite has a slightly coarser grain and a unique satin-like luster, making it the choice of the most discriminating architects across the world.

Just as this satin ‘phyllitic sheen’ helps to distinguish phyllite from slate in the field, it will set your roof apart from all the rest.

Riverstone’s medium grey colour with the slightest hint of green will make your roof as breath taking as it is rare.

View Riverstone on roofs in our Riverstone case studies.

There are only a handful of phyllite sources known worldwide, and even fewer that are able to split the stone at the thickness required to be suitable for use as a roof covering material.

From Our Mountain to Your Roof

Riverstone in Scandinavia

Quarried from the same seam of rock, you can be sure of the consistent quality and extraordinary beauty in every slate

We own and operate the San Luis quarry in La Repressa, deep in central Argentina, between the sprawling Pampas and the majestic Andes. Quarried for centuries, our prized reserves date back 560 million years to the pre-Cambrian era.

Every Riverstone slate comes from the same high quality seam of rock, so you can be sure that you’ll get consistent quality, effectiveness and extraordinary beauty with every single slate.

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The Riverstone Guarantee

When it comes to choosing what to put on your roof, there should be no risks involved.

Such is the quality of Riverstone, you’ll never have to worry about the performance and aesthetics of your roof. Of that we’re confident, but we won’t stop there… we happily bear all of the risk and guarantee your Riverstone roof for 100 years.

With the average lifetime of a building being approximately 75 years – your roof is guaranteed by SSQ to outlive the building.

Trusted and Accepted For Heritage Projects

english heritage certified slate

Riverstone has been accepted by English Heritage  as an alternative to indigenous stone

On several occasions, Riverstone  has been accepted as an alternative to indigenous stone by English Heritage and Historic Scotland on grade II listed buildings, leading authorities charged with preserving the UK’s most significant historical landmarks.

It is one of the few imported slates accepted for use as an alternative to indigenous material when it is not available. If you have a heritage project where quality and beauty cannot be compromised, request a free sample of Riverstone today, you won’t be disappointed.

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Click here to download the complete Riverstone brochure