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Supplying premium quality natural slate for over 40 years throughout the UK & Ireland

For forty years, SSQ have been bringing the most outstanding slate and natural stone products to customers all around the globe.

By combining the finest natural materials, uncompromising quality standards, and decades of passion and expertise, we’ve become one of the world’s leading suppliers of stunning Spanish slate and Argentinian Phyllite.

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    SSQ Professional Resource Centre

    When you work with SSQ, you get so much more than world-class slate and architectural stone.

    Over the last forty years, we’ve built up a huge amount of expertise covering natural slate, roofing, geology, specifications and so much more – and you can benefit from that, along with case studies, CAD drawings, technical PDFS and a wealth of other support, on our Professional Resources centre.

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    Booking a CPD

    Book a CPD

    At SSQ, we love sharing our decades of natural slate expertise with architects, and our CPDs are always extremely popular.

    On our RIBA-approved Why Specify Slate CPD, you’ll learn about:

    • How to guarantee a perfect slate roof
    • The secret to specifying
    • Unusual roof designs
    • How to avoid specifying defective slate
    • The difference between CE tested and true quality slate
    • The legal requirements when it comes to specifying slate
    • How to specify random coursed roofing slates
    • The difference between hook and nail fixing
    • The environmental benefits of natural slate
    • Specifying heritage roofing slates

    … and a whole lot more.

    If you’re interested in booking a place on our next CPD, simply fill in this form.

    Why choose SSQ?

    Millions of SSQ slates have been installed by customers all over the world – and with a team of dedicated quality controllers based at our Spanish and Argentinian sites, our company’s uncompromising commitment to supplying only the best ensures our Del Carmen slate meets the most exacting international standards.

    Outstanding natural slate and stone ideal for stone cladding, forty years of expertise, and a series of unbeatable guarantees make SSQ one of the best suppliers on Earth.

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    circular slate roof

    Riverstone: a stunning architectural stone

    Riverstone is phyllite. Subjected to incredible heat and pressure over millions of years, it delivers outstanding aesthetics and durability. And that’s what makes it one of the hardest, toughest, longest-lasting roofing materials in the world.

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    Del Carmen: world-class Spanish slate

    One of the finest quarries in the most renowned slate-producing region of North-West Spain, Del Carmen produces outstanding slate with a deep blue-black colour, characteristic longitudinal grain, and highly distinctive, faintly-rippled texture.

    That’s why when architects, contractors and homeowners want to crown a property in style, they choose Del Carmen.

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    modern brick building with slate roof

    Case Study

    SSQ’s Riverstone provides reliable roofing solution for a piece of Cornish mining history

    Read more View all case studies

    Case Study

    SSQ’s Riverstone helps to restore part of Cornwall’s agricultural history

    Read more View all case studies

    Case Study

    In with the new: SSQ’s Del Carmen restores Southampton University library

    Read more View all case studies

    Case Study

    SSQ’s Riverstone raises the roof at Mottram St Andrew Primary Academy

    Read more View all case studies

    Case Study

    Del Carmen helps revamp Saltash’s ‘Gateway to Cornwall’

    Read more View all case studies

    International Suppliers of Quality Slate

    SSQ’s uncompromising commitment to quality have seen our products become known and sought-after all around the world. Today, as well as our logistics office in North-West Spain and quarry in central Argentina, we’ve got teams in 22 countries, meaning that wherever you are, you don’t have to settle for anything less than SSQ quality.

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    Visit Our Dedicated Slate Showroom In London

    To really grasp the quality, consistency and pristine aesthetics of the products SSQ supply, you need to see them in context. Browse our outstanding selection of slate, or get expert advice on how we can help your next project excel.

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