Riverstone cladding low wall

Cladding stone offers far more than just a contemporary, refined look. When installed correctly, natural stone can serve as a weatherproof exterior that protects as much as it beautifies a structure.

Builders merchant MacBlair recently became the first company in Ireland to offer Riverstone external cladding from SSQ. A high quality phyllite stone from Argentina, Riverstone has now been featured in projects across Ireland.

But is there potential for it to be used across England, Scotland and Wales too?

The answer, of course, is absolutely. Given the huge success MacBlair have had with Riverstone cladding, there is currently a huge amount of untapped potential for its use in England, Scotland and Wales too.

But why should installers choose Riverstone phyllite over another material?

Is Riverstone a weatherproof cladding material?  

MacBlair’s success with Riverstone exterior cladding is partially due to its ability to withstand the elements. A premium material, Riverstone has an incredibly low water absorption (just 0.2% in EN13755), meaning that it can endure freeze-thaw cycles without becoming damaged.

Harder and denser than slate, phyllite works as a protective stone veneer that will last decades, and SSQ’s Riverstone endures a rigorous quality control process that ensures only the best phyllite leaves the quarry. It also meets the EN1936 standard for density and porosity.

Riverstone has already proven its credentials as a phenomenal roofing material, but by offering it as exterior stone cladding, installers across the UK can provide their customers with a natural stone exterior that will endure even the fiercest of British storms – from the Highlands of Scotland to the weather-beaten coasts of Cornwall.

A cladding stone that stands out

With a stunning “phyllitic sheen”, Riverstone stuns in any context. From providing external stone cladding on rustic properties to serving as a feature wall in striking contemporary designs, phyllite offers unmatched aesthetics.

As cladding stone, Riverstone comes in two different finishes. Natural Split is hand-split to create a textured, traditional surface, whereas Brushed Antique provides a smooth, matte look. With its beautiful colour, this premium stone can elevate any project, and help installers across the UK stand out.

Easy installation and seamless processes

Perhaps most crucially, Riverstone cladding is simple to install.

Although every project will vary, installers can even send a scaled architectural elevation to the SSQ team, who will then provide an estimate of how much material is needed.

When applied with the ARDEX X7Gplus adhesive, Riverstone cladding achieves EN 1542:1999 standard for tensile bond strength.

Available in different sizes and thicknesses, Riverstone can be installed up to heights of 5.5m using adhesive. Riverstone cladding has also been extensively tested, so installers can use with confidence.

A phenomenal cladding stone to set UK installers apart

A truly high-end material, Riverstone provides an opportunity for installers to set themselves apart from the rest and ensure long-lasting, striking results. By offering Riverstone cladding instead of more common materials such as concrete, porcelain or granite, installers can differentiate their services from other providers.

Given the resounding success of Riverstone cladding in Ireland, it is clear that the time has come for the rest of the UK to follow suit.

To find out more about Riverstone phyllite cladding, please get in touch either via an online contact form on our website or by calling 020 8961 7725. You can also email info@ssq.co.uk. A member of the SSQ team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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