Riverstone phyllite for flooring, exterior stone cladding and more

Riverstone is SSQ’s sensational architectural stone product – not slate, but phyllite, made harder, denser and stronger by millions more years spent underground.

Riverstone might make for an outstanding roofing material – but that’s far from the only context it excels. Due to its satin phyllitic sheen appearance, coarse grain and naturally riven surface that makes it more slip-resistant than natural slate, Phyllite is extremely versatile, making it a perfect product for flooring, cladding, stairs, skirting, patios, worktops and even swimming pools.

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The finest phyllite

Phyllite is rare – so rare, in fact, that it’s only found in a few locations around the world. But at SSQ, we’re lucky enough to own one of the finest phyllite quarries in the world – San Luis, in La Repressa, Argentina – and it’s here we source our exceptional Riverstone architectural stone.

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Trusted by the best

Riverstone is a stunning product used by prestigious venues all around the world – like the Topography of Terror Museum in Berlin, The Four Seasons hotel in New York, the Hilton in Helsinki, the Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau, and hundreds of luxury homes around the world.

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Non-combustible Riverstone cladding stone

Cladding materials must undergo strict checks to ensure they are safe for use. Following the devastating Grenfell tragedy, fire safety regulations for all types of cladding, including stone cladding, have become even stricter. Materials used on buildings over 18 metres in height must now meet British Standards for how combustible they are.

Natural slate including Riverstone phyllite, however, is exempt from testing. This is because, for many years natural slate has been repeatedly tested and proven to be 100% non-combustible. Wherever roofing or cladding products must meet the new fire-safe standards, natural slate is now one of the most popular materials.

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Riverstone slates for flooring projects

Riverstone phyllite is an excellent material for exterior flooring projects. Its strength, density and durability make it capable of withstanding decades of use as a patio area or external pathway. It is highly weather resistant and will not deteriorate in quality or appearance, even when exposed to the harshest weather conditions.

As mentioned above, Riverstone phyllite has a coarse grain and naturally riven surface. This makes it the perfect material for exterior flooring as it has a high slip resistance capacity. Even when it is wet, Riverstone phyllite is one of the safest exterior flooring materials available today. For both residential and commercial outdoor flooring, Riverstone is a great choice.

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Frequently asked questions

Is stone cladding any good?

Stone cladding can be a good option for both interior and exterior applications. Natural stone is a durable and versatile material with a natural and timeless look that can enhance the appearance of any building. It also provides an extra layer of insulation, helping to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Stone cladding can withstand harsh weather conditions and it is a long-lasting option for both residential and commercial buildings. However, proper installation is important to prevent issues such as moisture penetration or cracking over time.

Does stone cladding need a foundation?

Stone cladding installations require a foundation to support the weight of the wall, whether it is a building facade or a garden retaining wall. A solid footing is necessary to ensure that the end result is not compromised. It is crucial to ensure that the substrate is of good quality to prevent any issues.

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    With so many ‘interested parties’ the local planners set their minds on a natural slate roof at a very early stage of the project and, from this starting point, we needed something that would satisfy a number of technical and aesthetic requirements – SSQ Domiz blue-grey, was the one chosen for use to compliment the local ‘Shere Green’ colour.

    Ben Hunt, Total Project Integration


    With the roofs being such a visible feature, the choice of roofing slate was a significant decision. We involved the roofing contractor at an early stage in the selection process and they recommended SSQ’s Del Carmen Blue-black slates. Although it’s not an indigenous slate, it is an excellent match for the originals and, having used Spanish slate on other projects, we know the quality is there.

    Richard Thorpe, Ridge and Partners LLP


    Everyone liked Sarria: the client was delighted with its appearance and its consistency made it easy to cut and lay.

    Gary Lambert, Complete Roofing Contractors


    We put forward Riverstone as a cost-effective, yet high quality alternative to Welsh Slate, and it was accepted on that basis. The refurbishment work has now been completed and both the owners and ourselves are very happy with the result.

    Keith Hicks Architect at Pave Hall


    SSQ Ultra Del Carmen slates come with a 75-year guarantee and that was important. Not only that, the on-site services promised – and delivered – by SSQ enabled a smooth and easy workflow.

    Stuart Howes, Architect


    The quality and strength were there, the colour was similar to indigenous Welsh slate and its ‘traditional’ look was in keeping with the surrounding community. In fact, as I had used it on my own Edwardian house, I knew it was a good slate!

    Julian Bohling, OSP Architecture


    It is a very attractive development and we needed something equally attractive and of equally high quality for the roofing material. SSQ Del Carmen slate is top quality, and we liked the colour and texture. What’s more, it is very good value. I’d have no hesitation choosing it again.

    Mr Keith Wills, Clancy's Building Manager


    Being both high quality and cost-effective, Matacouta slate from SSQ is proving very popular with specifiers and contractors alike for refurbishment as well as for new build projects.

    Mr Roy Clark, Baxter Clark and Paul


    We specified SSQ First Domiz Blue-grey roofing slate for both technical and aesthetic reasons:its strength and quality gives the performance needed and its cold, hard, colour provides a dramatic foil to the rich warmth of the western red cedar walls.

    Mark Webber, Architect, Nichols Brown Webber


    SSQ Rocaber Blue-grey slate was actually chosen at the initial design-concept stage. A natural slate roof was in keeping with the traditional local architecture.

    Tom Ewan, Architect at Model Developments


    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you today, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time and a wonderfully informative CPD.

    The whole team really enjoyed it, and you definitely conveyed your passion and knowledge of your products!

    I would say I will keep SSQ in mind for future projects, but they always have been. However, I have definitely left with a need to utilise more slate in my design work!

    Michael Clifton BSc ACIAT - Oakbridge Bespoke Homes Ltd


    SSQ Matacouta slate was chosen as the most sympathetic option. Its consistency and competitive price make it a clear winner over indigenous slates.

    Historic Scotland

    map of the world

    Case Study

    SSQ’s Riverstone provides reliable roofing solution for a piece of Cornish mining history

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    Case Study

    SSQ’s Riverstone helps to restore part of Cornwall’s agricultural history

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    In with the new: SSQ’s Del Carmen restores Southampton University library

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    Case Study

    SSQ’s Riverstone raises the roof at Mottram St Andrew Primary Academy

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    Case Study

    Del Carmen helps revamp Saltash’s ‘Gateway to Cornwall’

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