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SSQ Exclusive Natural Slate

SSQ have been supplying people with the ultimate in natural roofing slate since 1983.

That’s 30 years and counting of whispered awe as customers step back to take in the sight of their finished building for the first time.

There is nothing like being captivated by your finished project, and knowing that not only does it look beautiful, but it will last a lifetime too.

Natural slate has a spellbinding magic to it.

Maybe it’s because it has been millions of years in the making.

Maybe it’s because every single slate is split by hand.

Or maybe it’s the way the sun plays across its surface, revealing a rich shimmer unique to a material so skilfully carved from the earth.

Whether you are an architect, a homeowner, a contractor or you are involved in heritage projects, SSQ slate will add magic to your building.

Latest News and Case Studies

Royal High School, Bath, Del Carmen (Ultra grade)

Royal Bath

  Helping to achieve an unrivalled aesthetic whilst also meeting heritage requirements, SSQ Slate has provided its exclusive Del Carmen Ultra slate to the new Hope House building at the Royal High School, Bath – part of the Cranwell House expansion project. Due to strict conservation requirements, a roofing material was needed which would meet [...]

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Thingoe House, Bury St Edmunds, Del Carmen (First grade)

Thingoe house

Originally built in 1973, Thingoe House extra care development in Bury St. Edmunds required a complete renovation. As such, SSQ Slate provided 25,000 of its Del Carmen slates to help bring a new lease of life to the existing roof. Located in a conservation area, there was a requirement to ensure that all renovation works [...]

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