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c. 100,000 roofing slates

Products Used

Broad Meadow, in Dudley, the West Midlands, is not your typical retirement complex.
Often, developments like these are bland and functional, built to very conservative designs.

But the architects behind Broad Meadow had other ideas. They wanted something bold and distinctive – and the striking, circular building that resulted stands out as one of the most iconic of its kind.

However, the development wasn’t without its problems.

Key to the building’s appeal was a pristine slate roof – one that had to applied with pain-staking care and attention at a challenging low pitch.

But years on from that original installation, the roof started to leak. The building’s owners had no choice but to get the entire thing replaced – and it was then they turned to SSQ for help.

Four thousand square metres of SSQ’s Riverstone Phyllite were fitted at an extremely low pitch. Given the extensive investment they made in the project, and the issues they’d experienced with the previous roof, the client was extremely keen to ensure they were protected with extensive guarantees.

Ultra-Cover provided them with the ideal solution, with the full roof system covered by a Latent Defect Insurance policy, that also covered the installation and design of the roof too.