Respected suppliers SSQ have produced a CPD course titled ‘Why Specify Slate and Phyllite for Roofing, Cladding and Flooring’.

Since the 1980s, SSQ has been bringing the best natural materials to customers around the world.

The company is a leading supplier of architectural stone for residential buildings, commercial constructions and conservation projects, both nationally and internationally.

Demonstrating decades of expertise, SSQ’s CPD contains geological information about metamorphic rock and explains key terminology.

The CPD also covers subjects particularly relevant to architects, such as the benefits of using metamorphic rock, invisible and visible characteristics of poor quality materials, and case studies.


“‘Why Specify Slate’ has been approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects and is intended to provide the knowledge necessary to design roofing, flooring and cladding with slate and phyllite in mind.

Natural slate is a great choice for architects as we move into a greener future,’ comments Founder of SSQ Ahmed El-Helw. ‘By specifying natural slate in their designs, they are choosing a material that is exquisitely stylish, durable, and, as the name suggests, natural.

“This material has a far smaller carbon footprint than alternatives, making it perfect for eco-conscious architects. Our CPD is designed to inform those interested in slate and phyllite about the geological formation of these materials and their applications in construction.”

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