The Riverstone quarry is located in the San Luis region deep in central Argentina, between the Pampas and the Andes Mountain ranges. Over twenty years ago, SSQ bought the San Luis Phyllite operation in La Repressa, to add world-class Phyllite to our range – and this is how Riverstone was born.

What is the importance of phyllite?

Formed during the Pre-Cambrian Era over 640 million years ago, Phyllite is harder, denser, and stronger than traditional slate. Those millions of years of heat and metamorphosis have given it exceptional durability and water absorption.

Riverstone has a distinct medium grey colour and a subtle grain. The high contents of mica crystals give the stone its distinct phyllitic sheen, while its rarity makes it a much sought-after material for roofing installations around the world.

How is Riverstone phyllite mined?

At the Riverstone quarry, huge pieces of phyllite are dug out of the mountainside using heavy duty JCBs and tipper trucks. The large sections of phyllite are then taken to the purpose-built manufacturing facility where they are cut into smaller slates using the latest electrical cutting machines with super-strong diamond edged wheels.

Once the slates have been cut, they are then assessed for quality and potential usage. Where possible, the slates are hand cut into smaller sections. They are then measured and accurately trimmed ready for loading onto protective pallets. The pallets of phyllite are then stored locally, ready for distribution around the world.

Where is Riverstone phyllite available?

SSQ Riverstone
Today, the Riverstone quarry exports all over the world. Countries of export include the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, and mainland Europe.

Over 3,000 tonnes of roofing tiles are produced every year at the Riverstone quarry. Slate sizes vary from 300x200mm to 600x300mm, as well as over 1,000 tonnes of architectural stone suitable for any application.

What is phyllite used for?

Today, Riverstone Phyllite crowns the roofs of hundreds of buildings around the world. Browse our case studies to see our Riverstone phyllite roofing product in action, including dozens of exquisite Grade II listed buildings and properties situated in restrictive conservation areas. Riverstone is also suited to flooring, cladding, and much more.

What are the technical credentials of Riverstone Phyllite?

SSQ Riverstone
Riverstone achieves a W1, S1, T1 classification, and surpasses the strictest international quality requirements, including the toughest standards in both the US and UK.

After closely examining SSQ’s Riverstone Phyllite and comparing to Delabole, its closest indigenous equivalent, a respected independent geologist concluded the two are aesthetically similar. They went on to suggest that Riverstone was actually stronger and longer lasting.

Riverstone Phyllite | Exclusively distributed by SSQ Group

SSQ Riverstone
With thousands of companies selling slate all around the world, you may be wondering how the Riverstone quarry differs. Typically, between 85% and 90% of the material produced in any quarry is not of a high enough quality to be used for roofing. Riverstone quarry bucks the trend, consistently providing the highest quality Phyllite that’s designed to last longer than the building it’s installed on.

Over the last three decades, we have amassed a huge stockpile of Riverstone at depots across the UK. When you’re working on a roofing project and you need a reliable supply of high-quality slate, Riverstone phyllite from SSQ is an excellent choice.

If you’d like to find out more about Riverstone slates or any of our other roofing materials, contact SSQ today. You can call us on 020 8961 7725 or send us a message online.

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