Gothenburg, Sweden

Slate Used


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This historic old Post Office building in heart of Gothenburg, originally designed in neo-classical style by famous architect Ernst Torulf, is now transformed to a stunning hotel.

The project stands out as a great example of modern architecture and owes its contemporary style to Riverstone, which is used in random sizes to complement the design of surrounding buildings. In fact, the architects decided to cover half of the façade with slate and the other half with copper – the same materials used in the original post office building.

Riverstone was specifically chosen by the architects for the external cladding due to its hard-wearing surface, which means there is virtually no need for maintenance, and its unique grey/green which conveys character to the project.

This new building, containing 500 hotel rooms with a rooftop sun terrace and pool overlooking Gothenburg, is sure to become the most exciting meeting arena in the city.