Products Used

Our projects in Australia have quickly become some of our best work. SSQ boasts one of the strongest brands in Australia with the Del Carmen, Ultra grade slate. Working alongside Melbourne’s very own Roof Service Company for the last 20 years, we have supplied some interesting projects that demonstrate the qualities of the Del Carmen Ultra slate.

SSQ’s Del Carmen Ultra is sourced from an exclusive slate quarry in the Cabrera Mountains of North-West Spain. It is consistently chosen by architects around the world for its unrivalled beauty and exceptional high quality.

The unique blue-black colour is totally natural and will not fade, even in the strongest sunlight, making it the perfect choice for the sunnier climes of Australia.


Vertical slating is growing as a trend all over the world. The use of different slate shapes is increasingly popular with the honeycomb arrangement becoming the new “must-have” façade.

A trend that started in Europe, it has now reached as far as Australia and the US. Roof Service Company used the honeycomb style for an Australian cladding project, where the designer wanted to make a bold and artistic statement with the slate cladding.

Boasting a 100-year guarantee, the Ultra grade Del Carmen comprises a selection of slates put together from the best available rock cleavage at the quarry. This cleavage of rock is such that the material has exceptional levels of flatness and consistency, whilst still retaining the distinctive riven appearance expected of premium natural slate.

Our expertise in the production processes and exclusive partnerships in Spain means we can supply any shape and size.