West London

Products Used

The use of SSQ Riverstone paving tiles in this garden makeover transformed what was once a rather tired and gloomy garden in West London, taking it from English suburbia to the French Riviera (and with the added benefit of no more lawn mowing!).

Riverstone architectural stone is a phyllite, a natural rock closely related to slate often used for <a href=”https://www.ssqgroup.com/products/cladding-stone”>stone cladding</a>. Phyllite shares slate’s essential characteristics but surpasses its qualities being generally stronger and more resilient. It’s an excellent natural building material and is ideal for internal and external flooring and hard landscaping in both residential and commercial environments.

Designed and built “with a little help from my friends”, the project used about 950, 300mm x 300mm, Riverstone paving tiles, with each block of four grey-green tiles being separated by a 100mm strip of golden quartzite paving. Paving tiles with a Natural finish were used, the riven surface of the phyllite providing an excellent non-slip surface (no matter whether it’s a result of rain or a spilt G&T).