Products Used

Epiphany House is owned by the Trustees of Epiphany House Truro and is a Grade II Listed Building (listed on the 29th of December 1950) in the heart of Truro, Cornwall.

It is used as a thriving retreat for the clergy of the Diocese of Truro and provides conference facilities for all kinds of events.

The roofing and cladding proposal was for an extension to the listed building, adjoining the main house to create additional accommodation.

The original roof was made of Cornish Delabole and Trevillet slates, which due to lack of availability and high cost created a significant challenge for the Epiphany Trust Truro. All the materials for the extension building had to be approved by Cornwall Council Planning and Historic Environment due to the high historic value of the building.

Working in close collaboration with Christopher Hunter of Scott and Company, Simon Johnson and Richard Cook of SSQ recommended Riverstone Phyllite Ultra, because of its superior performance in the most demanding roofing slate applications. As well as its cost and its unique structure and colour, geologically identical to the indigenous slates.

An inclusive method statement and planning documents were prepared by the SSQ Technical Specification team to assist the architect as part of the discharge of planning conditions. After the approval by the committees, Riverstone Ultra 400 x 200 slates were hand-cut using traditional slating method for the valleys and abutments and then twice copper nail-fixed.

Riverstone Phyllite offers a unique appearance to the roof. It is a medium grey colour, with slightly coarser grain and a unique satin-like luster due to the prolonged heat and pressure exposure.

With comparison to Delabole slate, Riverstone is considered to be stronger and provides better longevity as a roof covering material. This extra length of time in the ground has evolved the original slate structure in such a way that its technical credentials – exceptionally low water absorption and durability – are second to none. It has achieved the highest classifications in the UK market.

SSQ offers a lifetime 100 – year guarantee for Riverstone Ultra.