Shere, Surrey

Slate Used

SSQ Domiz Blue-grey roofing slate

Products Used

Forrest Place is located close to the centre of the village of Shere and falls within the Shere Conservation Area, the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and an area classified as being of Great Landscape Value.

Although the development replaces old commercial premises, its location in such an aesthetically sensitive area meant the design, material and workmanship had to be, to quote contractor JG Brooks, “Absolutely top-notch”. And they are.

A number of shallow roof-pitches, along with the need for a natural material that would complement the local ‘Shere Green’ colour, prompted the architects to choose slate as the preferred option with SSQ Domiz Blue-grey roofing slate being specified. Construction and detailing throughout the development is exemplary (the complex roof intersections provided a notable challenge) leaving everyone – planners, residents and villagers – happy.