Products Used

Riverstone Phyllite is SSQ’s signature slate; it is one of the few commercially accessible Phyllite stones in the world. Riverstone, Gruesa grade is a slate used for its quality and unconventional thickness of 12-15mm.

Riverstone was recently selected to crown the picturesque Summer House residence, situated on the outskirts of Cheltenham, right in the heart of Gloucestershire. Working in close collaboration with Jonathan Rhind and Pete Thompson of Jonathan Rhind Architects, Ray Young and Richard Cook of SSQ recommended this signature slate to create this unusual roof.

Jeremy Limbrick, the builder on the New Summer House project, worked closely with Simon Bence Roofing and Bence Roofing Supplies. This collaboration and excellent craftsmanship has meant a superior installation of a particularly thick slate more commonly seen on Scottish roofing projects.

Phyllite is the ideal stone for any design challenge or artistic feature. Riverstone Phyllite slate offers superior performance for the most demanding requirements. While other phyllites cannot split thinner than 12mm, Riverstone comes in three selections offering a range of thicknesses for even the harshest weather conditions.

Riverstone has a solid reputation amongst planning and conservation bodies as well as homeowners across the UK as a premium quality product for use in high exposure areas. This is due to the unfading and watertight nature of the slates.

Some characteristics of Riverstone slate include the exceptionally low water absorption, which allows it to withstand extreme conditions such as freezing temperatures, as well as salt exposure that can weaken more absorbent slates.

Riverstone has exceptional strength, outperforming test requirements and surpassing the strictest international quality standards. Hundreds of homeowners around the UK and all over the world have trusted Riverstone for the last 20 years.