Northern Ireland

Products Used

Riverstone Phyllite Ultra Grade slates were recently selected to complete the roof of this quaint newbuild in Ballinderry, Northern Ireland. Both the property owner and the roofing contractor were looking for a material of exceptional quality and aesthetics, as well as for a supplier offering product traceability, reliable warranties and excellent overall service. Choosing a slate of SSQ’s premium range ticked off all of these requirements.

McGrath Builders were tasked with the completion of the project. The roof was masterfully slated by John Rooney, who described his first experience working with a phyllite slate as positively different from ‘your run-off-the-mill’ slates in the market.

Riverstone’s distinct phyllitic sheen, which is due to high content of mica crystals, caught the eye of the project architect from English & Drummond Architects, who felt that phyllite’s rare medium grey colour and the unique satin-like lustre were exactly what was needed to enhance the prestige of the project.

Riverstone Phyllite owes both its technical and aesthetic credentials to an ancient sequence of Pre-Cambrian strata dated from around 640 million years ago. SSQ introduced Riverstone into both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland over 10 years ago, supporting it with up to 100-year guarantee.