Products Used

Transforming the old stone barns at Davey’s Farm was a major undertaking.

To make the aging structures fit for twenty-first century living, the builders had to embark on a thorough-going renovation project.

But they had to do it in a way that preserved the traditional, rural character that made the site so desirable in the first place.

When it came to the roofing, that meant identifying a material that could blend seamlessly with that rustic, natural aesthetic, while offering outstanding weather resistance, longevity and consistency of supply.

SSQ’s Del Prado natural slate provided the answer.

Hand-split in Northern Spain, Del Prado’s deep texture, distinctive blue-black colouring and rigorous testing (it passes EN 12326, is CE Marked, and has the sought after W1-T1-S1 and Norm Francais accreditations) have made it a favourite of builders, architects and homeowners around the world.

What’s more, the product came covered with extensive guarantees – a key decision Del Prado was chosen.

The installation went like clockwork, with slate ordered in two separate phases five months apart, then expertly fitted by Normanson Roofing.

The finished roof fits in perfectly with the stone walling and rendering found elsewhere on the development, and offers a fantastic contrast to the pan tiles that are prolific in the area.