Ai-Gruppen, København K

Slate Used

SSQ Riverstone® architectural stone

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Located in the popular holiday destination of Karresbaekminde, the south peninsular of Sydsjaelland, is this beautiful new members club, with a very inviting swimming pool. Set in an idyllic landscape; the natural light that beams through all the large windows combined with soft interior lighting, bounces off the Riverstone picking up the lightening streak veining, creating a most calming and relaxing environment.

The materials that were initially considered for use were; Brazilian green slate and Burlington Brandy Crag; however Riverstone won the specification due to the beauty of its appearance and its durability. The architect decided to use a mixture of finishes and sizes to create the visually stunning design as seen in the photographs. Riverstone flamed, brushed antique and honed were used for the flooring areas, brushed antique for the skirting and honed slabs for some of the finishing details.

Riverstone has been tested to all relevant EN standards for architectural applications, to which it conforms, plus the BS12370:1999 for reaction to salt crystalisation. Even though there are no published guideline limits for this test, the stone was unaffected by the testing and thus is considered to offer good resistance to salt crystallisation effects, so a highly suitable material to be used for these kinds of projects.