Finally, a RIBA Approved CPD WITHOUT The Coma!

Many core curriculum CPDs are so dull they’re coma-inducing. They make a December site visit in torrential rain sound like an eternally appealing way to spend your lunch break.

book a cpd on natural slateHere’s what we don’t get – architecture isn’t boring, slate isn’t boring, so why should the CPD be boring?

It shouldn’t!

And we’re here to make sure that it’s not… You might call SSQ the saviours of the CPD!


The prevalence of boring CPDs is astounding when you consider the subject matter:

Architecture – the richest craft in the world, the intricate meeting of art and science, where visions and dreams are born into reality.

Slate – a physical wonder formed over hundreds of millions of years, that only exists because the earth literally moved as mud and volcanic ash slowly metamorphosed into slate, beautifully cleaved and ready to be hand split.

How someone can take these two innately fascinating and awe-inspiring subjects and then produce a coma-inducing CPD presentation that reduces a room of intelligent, enquiring architects to a sea of glassy eyes is beyond us!

Thankfully our slate experts don’t possess that coma-inducing skill so the CPD you’ll experience will be just as captivating as natural slate architecture is.

I hope that’s ok with you?

It usually is…

If the sandwiches were the best thing about the last CPD you attended, book an SSQ CPD. Don’t get me wrong, the sandwiches will be great, but the content will capture your imagination in a way you never thought possible.


Why Specify Slate CPD

Detail of Del Carmen slateThis CPD is built around your needs. We constantly review and update it to reflect the latest trends and legislation in the industry.

So as well as being fascinating, it will arm you with the right, concise knowledge you need to be totally confident about your Natural Slate specification.

You will learn about:

  1. The ONLY way to GUARANTEE a perfect slate roof (it’s straightforward once you know this little-understood principle)
  2. The secret to specifying for low pitch roofs (as low as 17.5o pitches)
  3. Unusual and unique roof designs and applications – some real food for thought
  4. How to identify invisible defects in roofing slate and a simple way to avoid specifying defective slate
  5. How natural slate was used to overcome project challenges and delight clients in our detailed case-studies
  6. The difference between CE tested slate and true quality slate
  7. How to understand the legal requirements when it comes to specifying slate
  8. How to achieve problem-free slate specification every time
  9. How to specify random coursed roofing slates
  10. The difference between hook and nail fixing… and why you should care about it

Have a specific issue or topic you’d like us to talk about? No problem, just let us know when you’re booking your CPD.

If you’re anything like the talented architects at the last dozen or so of our Natural Roofing Slate CPD seminars, you have a thirst to know more about natural slate, and the solutions it provides in your work.

So with thirsty architects like you in mind, our CPD is tailored to suit your needs and is constantly reviewed and updated to reflect the latest trends and legislation in the industry.

One of the key aims of our “Why Specify Slate?” CPD, is to arm you with the right, concise, knowledge to make you confident about your Natural Slate specification.

“Why Specify Slate?” is divided into main four sections:

  • Why Choose Natural over other roofing materials?
  • Design Possibilities and Case Studies
  • Problem-free Slate Specification
  • A section dedicated to your queries

In addition to this there is the option of a range of subtopics depending on your practice’s requirements, including:

  • Nail vs Hook fixing
  • How to specify at 17.5 degree pitches
  • How to specify random coursed roofing slates
  • Specifying Heritage Roofing Slates
  • The environmental benefits of using natural slate
  • The NF 228 standard, and why this is the ONLY way to GUARANTEE a perfect roof.

Book here now for an interesting and interactive, “core curriculum” CPD!


Working in a conservation area brings a special responsibility. SSQ Riverstone slate fits perfectly, its tone and texture blending seamlessly with its surroundings.

Joan Kinane, Architect


SSQ Matacouta slate was chosen as the most sympathetic option. Its consistency and competitive price make it a clear winner over indigenous slates.

Historic Scotland


SSQ Rocaber Blue-grey slate was actually chosen at the initial design-concept stage. A natural slate roof was in keeping with the traditional local architecture.

Tom Ewan, Architect at Model Developments


With the roofs being such a visible feature, the choice of roofing slate was a significant decision. We involved the roofing contractor at an early stage in the selection process and they recommended SSQ’s Del Carmen Blue-black slates. Although it’s not an indigenous slate, it is an excellent match for the originals and, having used Spanish slate on other projects, we know the quality is there.

Richard Thorpe, Ridge and Partners LLP


The choice of SSQ Del Carmen was made easier after confirmation that it had gained approval for use in the Welsh National Parks as an alternative to indigenous materials. We were also pleased with the level of technical, design and on-site support we received from SSQ.

The Hafod Renewal Office


SSQ Ultra Del Carmen slates come with a 75-year guarantee and that was important. Not only that, the on-site services promised – and delivered – by SSQ enabled a smooth and easy workflow.

Stuart Howes, Architect


We specified SSQ First Domiz Blue-grey roofing slate for both technical and aesthetic reasons:its strength and quality gives the performance needed and its cold, hard, colour provides a dramatic foil to the rich warmth of the western red cedar walls.

Mark Webber, Architect, Nichols Brown Webber


The choice of slates was made easier due to the quality of product you provide and the support of Gary Firth throughout the process – which I much appreciate. Gary is a good ambassador for your company.

Pat Murray, Senior Project Engineer, Alvance Group


It is a very attractive development and we needed something equally attractive and of equally high quality for the roofing material. SSQ Del Carmen slate is top quality, and we liked the colour and texture. What’s more, it is very good value. I’d have no hesitation choosing it again.

Mr Keith Wills, Clancy's Building Manager


It was an absolute pleasure to meet you today, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your time and a wonderfully informative CPD.

The whole team really enjoyed it, and you definitely conveyed your passion and knowledge of your products!

I would say I will keep SSQ in mind for future projects, but they always have been. However, I have definitely left with a need to utilise more slate in my design work!

Michael Clifton BSc ACIAT - Oakbridge Bespoke Homes Ltd


The quality and strength were there, the colour was similar to indigenous Welsh slate and its ‘traditional’ look was in keeping with the surrounding community. In fact, as I had used it on my own Edwardian house, I knew it was a good slate!

Julian Bohling, OSP Architecture


Everyone liked Sarria: the client was delighted with its appearance and its consistency made it easy to cut and lay.

Gary Lambert, Complete Roofing Contractors

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