The SSQ Guarantee – Because We Can


The best thing about producing and supplying top quality slate is that we can hand-on-heart stand by our products and do things like give you a 100-year guarantee.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the slate market, SSQ has left its imprint all over the world by supplying the highest quality natural slate and phyllite.

This proven track record gives us the confidence to provide not just the roll of the mill product guarantee, but a full range of warranties to offer customers 100% peace of mind when choosing our natural slates.

Labour-backed product guarantee

Our product guarantee is the most comprehensive one available in the slate industry today. We don’t just guarantee the quality of our products and their water tightness for up to 100 years, we are the only ones also covering the labour cost in the unlikely event of failure for a risk-free specification.*

How can SSQ offer this?

Our top brands have achieved S1 grade when tested to the ASTM C406 (The American Standard). This is the only slate test in the world giving a life expectancy of natural slate.  S1 is the highest grade achievable and guarantees a minimum life expectancy of 75 years. We are happy to go one step further and ensure your roof will outlive the building!

The Rust Free promise

Our premium slates are free from reactive pyrites and come with the SSQ Rust Free Stamp, meaning that in the highly unlikely event that rusting does occur you would be covered. Depending on the slate grade you choose, your roof would be Rust Free guaranteed for either 75 or 100 years.

How can SSQ offer this?

We know that a slate that tests to the BS 12326 shouldn’t rust, but in practice the T1 standard is limited, as it’s only performed on a handful of slates that can never be representative of an entire quarry. We test our slates to the most stringent testing criteria in the world – the NF 228. These tests are carried out randomly at source by an independent French lab – cracking the whip at the quarry to ensure the highest production and quality standards possible.

Read more about SSQ Rust Free Guarantee here. 

Insurance Backed Warranty

To wrap up our guarantee package, in 2018 we introduced the SSQ Insurance Backed Guarantee. Exclusive to our Ultra Cover from SSQ scheme, this warranty also includes both the Labour Backed and the Rust Free Guarantees, making it into the only all-inclusive guarantee scheme in the UK. This means that your roof is covered by an independent underwriter as well as by SSQ, giving you that extra assurance.

How can SSQ offer this?

All slates specified under the Ultra Cover from SSQ scheme are installed exclusively by SSQ Assured Installers – vetted and periodically reviewed reputable roofing contractors. This enforces regular checks of workmanship during the installation process. So, we monitor both the production of the product and the installation, giving us full visibility of the specification from start to finish.

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