Made from metamorphic rock, the premium roof slate has a green-grey finish and impressive strength that makes it perfect for historic and conservation area projects.

SSQ’s Argentinian phyllite Riverstone roofing product has an unmistakable grey colour and a distinctive phyllitic sheen. It is known for its robustness, longevity and its comprehensive guarantees.

Riverstone was introduced in the UK over 20 years ago and has become a highly prized alternative to some of the country’s most popular indigenous slates. Assessed by independent geologist Barry Hunt, Riverstone was found to exhibit ‘many features that are equivalent or superior’ to three leading indigenous slates.

Riverstone offers the pronounced grain, low water absorption, low calcium carbonate content and dressed edges of indigenous slate, but with significant advantages. With a geological age of over 600 million years, it is older than much indigenous slate, giving it exceptional strength and weather resistance.

It is available pre-holed and, unlike the vast majority of indigenous slate, is readily available in a matter of weeks.

Riverstone has been specified to replace indigenous slate on roofs around the country – including on Grade I and II listed buildings and national landmarks such as the former Bodmin Jail in Cornwall.

SSQ’s experienced technical team can offer expert advice and is available to support you on your next project. For more information please contact us here or even request a quote.

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