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Premium slate manufacturer SSQ is proud to announce that their range of Riverstone roofing slate products is fully compliant with forthcoming changes in fire safety regulations.

This compliance provides UK architects and specifiers with added peace of mind when choosing SSQ’s slate roof products.

One of SSQ’s standout offerings is the Weather Pro, a lightweight and low pitch slate system.

This system features the highest quality Riverstone Ultra natural stone slates and has demonstrated exceptional performance as a low pitch fire-resistant natural slate roofing system. Notably, it has achieved the highest fire rating of BroofT4.

Additionally, alongside its slate tiles, SSQ’s innovative range of Dry fix slate ridges ensures optimal ventilation without the presence of unsightly flammable plastic strips, connectors, or bituminous tapes.

To complete the ultimate range of roofing ancillaries for modern, fire-safe construction, SSQ also offers heritage valley and aluminium verge trims that seamlessly combine with the outstanding aesthetics and performance of Riverstone roofing slates.

Shifting fire regulations

The Building Safety Act 2022, introduced in July 2021, will become law on April 1, 2023, alongside The Fire Safety Regulations 2022, which became law on January 23, 2023.

These regulations establish duties and responsibilities for the “Responsible Person” involved in construction, including landlords, managers, specifiers, and designers.

The Responsible Person must ensure that buildings are constructed using appropriate and properly assessed fire-safe materials.

Furthermore, they are required to establish a comprehensive electronic “Golden Thread” of data and information about the building, which must be stored permanently.

Failure to comply with these changes carries severe consequences, including unlimited fines and custodial sentences.

What are the current fire regulations?

The use of combustible materials in buildings exceeding 18 meters in height is now prohibited.

To assess how resistant a roofing tile is to fire spread, it undergoes rigorous testing in accordance with British Standards BS EN 13501-1.

To achieve fire-safe accreditation, a slate tile must pass up to five different tests, evaluating the following:

1. The combustibility performance of the material

2. The smoke production when the material is burned

3. The fire spread potential associated with the material

After completion of the tests, the material or product is assigned three distinct ratings:

1. Combustibility rating ranging from A1 to F.

2. Smoke production rating categorised as s1, s2, or s3.

3. Flaming particles or droplets rating identified as d0, d1, or d2.

These ratings collectively indicate the overall fire safety of the material.

Durable natural roofing with superb fire performance

SSQ’s Riverstone phyllite is an all-round excellent natural roofing material.

Riverstone roof tiles boast exceptional durability and water absorption.

Lightweight and low maintenance, Riverstone has undergone assessment based on the US testing standard ASTM C406, and it has been granted an impressive S1 rating, signifying its projected lifespan of at least 75 years – market-leading longevity.

Furthermore, Riverstone attains the topmost classification in BS EN 12326 – W1-T1-S1, showcasing its exceptional performance in terms of weather resistance, impermeability, and durability.

Add to that it’s attractive colour – loved by architects and homeowners around the world – ease of availability and exceptional fire performance, you’re left with one of the most outstanding products of its kind.

If you need fire resistant roofing, look no further than Riverstone from SSQ.

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