Corner of a slate roof with slate ridges using Riverstone phyllite The latest innovation from long-standing SSQ is set to change the face of natural roofs across Britain and beyond.

For decades, the only ridges available for slate roofs were ones that clashed with the material’s natural aesthetics.

This was because it wasn’t yet possible to make ridges out of natural slate, and so installers were forced to use differently coloured man-made materials instead.

But now, SSQ have released the Riverstone Slate Ridge system.

“We’re extremely proud of this ground-breaking new system,” comments Managing Director Ahmed El-Helw.

“We’ve used real Riverstone phyllite slates and chemically bonded them to a GRP waterproof layer to deliver authentic aesthetics and outstanding performance.

“They’re also extremely easy to fit. Supplied pre-drilled and with two stainless steel retaining screws, the ridges are permanently secured in place with the invisible RidgeFix method.

“They can be quickly cut and drilled on site, and come with ridge tiles, block ends, hip ends and ridge caps.”

The ridges were developed and produced for SSQ by Mayan Roofing Systems – one of the UK’s leading roofing innovation companies, known for their extensive experience in developing ground-breaking new products.

Ahmed continues: “We’re delighted to have collaborated with Mayan Roofing Systems on this product, and are hugely grateful for their skill and expertise.”

If you’d like to learn more about the outstanding range of natural slate and phyllite products SSQ can provide, and their long track record of providing roofs for heritage buildings around the country, please contact us here! 

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