Slate and phyllite are both types of foliated metamorphic rocks. Metamorphic rocks are rocks which have been transformed by heat and pressure within the Earth’s crust. Both natural slate and phyllite are formed in similar ways, phyllite, however, is subjected to even higher temperatures and greater pressures than slate, which causes the clay within the material to break down and form mica. The mica in phyllite are larger than in slate and are visible as a sheen on the material’s surface.

Slate vs phyllite – qualities and characteristics

Dundurn Walk

At SSQ, we mine, produce, and supply, high-quality roofing materials made from both slate and phyllite. SSQ slate is mined from sustainably run quarries in a respected slate-producing area in Northern Spain. From there, it is shipped around Europe for use as a high-quality roofing material. SSQ phyllite is mined from the SSQ-owned Riverstone quarry in Argentina. From here it undergoes rigorous quality checks before being shipped around the world.

Both SSQ Spanish slate and Riverstone phyllite can be used to create stunningly attractive and extremely durable and weather-resistant roofs.

Only the best roofing materials from SSQ

Del Carmen

At SSQ, we are proud of our reputation as slate specialists. All our slates have come from reputable quarries and have been rigorously tested to ensure only the highest quality slates are produced and supplied. Both our Del Carmen Spanish slate and Riverstone phyllite have been used in a wide variety of residential and commercial installations. Their attractive aesthetic and superb performance have ensured that every SSQ customer is always 100% satisfied with our roofing products.

If you’re an architect or building developer looking for premium quality roofing materials for your next project, look no further than SSQ. Have a browse of our website for more detailed information about our selection of slates. If you’d like to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team, call 020 8961 7725. Alternatively, you can send us a message online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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