SSQ Riverstone is a high-quality roofing material. It is a premium choice for domestic and commercial roofing projects across the world. Although Riverstone is similar to natural slate in many ways, it is in fact a Phyllite. Phyllite is harder, denser, and stronger than slate making it the perfect material for roofing. If you’re an architect, builders merchant, or roofing specialist who wants to offer your customers the best slate alternative roofing material, here are some essential facts about Riverstone.

Riverstone – premium Phyllite roofing slates

slate tiled roof

As a natural roofing material, Riverstone Phyllite truly won’t be beaten. Whether you’re planning to work on a roof renovation project or a brand-new roof installation, Riverstone is an excellent choice. With Riverstone Slate, you can expect the following benefits.

    • Exceptional durability – Riverstone will withstand even the harshest British weather conditions with a minimum life expectancy of 75 years.
    • Listed building and conservation area approval – Riverstone has been used in many heritage property refurbishments across the UK.
    • Attractive aesthetic appearance – Riverstone Phyllite has a subtle green-grey Phyllitic sheen which creates a beautiful finish for any roof.
    • 100-year weather tightness guarantee – We’re so confident of the high performance of Riverstone, that we offer a century long guarantee on our ultra-grade Riverstone.
    • Outstanding water absorption capacity – Riverstone is tested to the world’s toughest standards for protecting against water ingress.

Riverstone Slate from Argentina to the UK

Riverstone Slate roof

Riverstone Phyllite is mined at the SSQ-owned quarry in Argentina. It is one of the world’s most sought-after roofing materials and is extremely rare. For over 560 million years, Riverstone Phyllite has been subjected to extreme geological pressures creating a slate-like material which is harder, denser and stronger than any other roofing material.

At SSQ, we have spent the last four decades building up our UK stock of Riverstone Phyllite. We have depots across the UK with thousands of pallets of Riverstone ready for supply. This foresight has enabled us to continue to offer our customers super-fast lead times on Riverstone slates to ensure that all building schedules are consistently met.

If you’d like to find out more about Riverstone or any of SSQ’s products or services get in touch today. Call us on 020 8961 7725 or get a quote online.

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