Are you a UK based architect, roofing installer, builders merchant, or homeowner looking for a reliable supply of high-quality slate? Have you experienced problems due to a shortage in the slate supply chain exacerbated by the impact of Brexit? Do you want to work with a slate specialist who can offer you the highest quality slate supplied with a lead time of only three to five days? If this sounds like you, then SSQ are the company for you.

Huge slate stock at UK depots

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The impact of Covid 19 combined with the logistical complexities of importing and exporting goods post-Brexit has meant supply shortages of materials across the construction industry. At SSQ, like all other building products suppliers, we have had our own supply disruptions to deal with. Fortunately, our strategy over the last four decades has enabled us to build up our large UK stock of Riverstone Phyllite.

We have thousands of pallets of Riverstone Phyllite at depots across the UK. This forward planning and stock accumulation has enabled us to continue to offer our customers super-fast lead times even when the construction industry as a whole has suffered long delays in supply causing set-backs to building schedules. While our Spanish slate supply has seen some disruption and delay, our existing Riverstone stock has ensured that we can continue to offer our nationwide five-day delivery promise.

Riverstone Phyllite – the diamond of the slate world

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Riverstone Phyllite is a superior quality slate alternative. Sourced from the SSQ-owned quarry in Argentina, this premium quality natural material is stronger and longer lasting than other slates and has been used in many high-profile heritage buildings and conservation area properties across England and Scotland.

Riverstone is one of the most sought-after roofing materials and also the rarest. It was this beauty and desirability that convinced the experts at SSQ to, firstly, purchase the South American quarry, and secondly, build up a large Riverstone stock on mainland Britain to allow a quick and efficient supply of superior roofing materials.

Thanks to the foresight of the SSQ team, we are now in the enviable position to offer our customers a quick and reliable supply of premium Riverstone. If you’re involved in a property renovation project and you need a reliable supply of premium roofing materials, contact SSQ today. For more information about ordering Riverstone slates or any of our products or services call 020 8961 7725 or send us a message online.

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