To ensure your roofing project runs as smoothly as possible, getting the roofing material right should be your first consideration. The aesthetic quality, insulation, durability, and sustainability of the material feature highly among the most important things to scrutinise. So, if you’ve chosen slates over clay or concrete tiles, you may now be wondering whether to choose Spanish slate or Welsh slate. So, let’s take a look at which material is best for your roofing project.

What is Welsh slate made of & how does it compare to Spanish slate?

Quarried for at least 500 years in North Wales, Welsh slate was originally formed as deep-water mudstones on an ancient ocean floor over 500 million years ago and created by compressing clay over a long period of time.

When directly compared to Spanish slate, Welsh slate is often perceived to be the finest natural slate in the world due to its impenetrable, long-lasting qualities. However, our Del Carmen Spanish slate confidently challenges this misconception. It can’t be denied that Welsh slate has a denser composition than Spanish slate. That said, as one of our highest performing Spanish slate products, Del Carmen slates can last just as long as Welsh slates can, allowing us to guarantee all Del Carmen slates for up to 100 years.

Mined from one of the finest quarries in the world, Del Carmen’s deep blue-black colour rivals the distinct dark blue grey tones that Welsh slate is renowned for, with Del Carmen slate even accepted for use by Heritage England and Heritage Scotland as a viable alternative to British slates mined in Wales. Another pro for choosing Spanish slate over Welsh slate lies in the price, with Spanish slate coming out somewhat cheaper than Welsh slate.

Spanish slate vs Welsh slate

Del Carmen Spanish slate Welsh slate
Price Medium High
Lifespan 100+ years 100+ years
Colour Deep blue-black Dark blue-grey
Texture Faintly rippled Riven when naturally split
Minimum slate thickness 3.5mm 5mm
Weather resistance High High
Maintenance Low Low
Durability High High
Sustainability High High

Browse through our Del Carmen case studies to understand why architects, contractors and homeowners choose Del Carmen slate for their roofing projects.

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