British Standards 5534 is the code of practice for tiling and slating. The regulations can be applied to pitched roofs and vertical cladding, and alongside slates and tiles, also refers to timber shingles and shakes. The standard sets out recommendations and advice for good practice, helping to ensure that roofers are compliant with current building regulations requirements.

What is the British standard for roofing?

British standards require all roofing materials and workmanship to be fit for purpose. This means that they must meet the minimum standards described in BS 5534 legislation. Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations apply to both new-build and domestic re-roofing projects and state that all health and safety obligations are the responsibility of the contractor.

It is important to understand that BS 5534 does not cover the structural design of the roof ie the timber framework. It also may not be applicable to the re-tiling or re-slating of certain roofs on period properties. This is particularly the case when re-claimed materials are being used and for buildings of specific historical or architectural significance. In these historic properties, the contractor must consult the local planning authority or conservation area specialist for specific advice and guidelines.

Who does BS 5534 apply to?

BS 5534 applies to a wide range of roofing professionals. If you’re involved in the design, manufacture, or installation of roof slating and tiling, then you must adhere to the legislation. In general, BS 5534 applies to the following roofing sector areas:

  • Product and project designers
  • Material specifiers
  • Manufacturers of any pitched roofing materials
  • Installers of any pitched roofing materials
  • Roofing trade associations and industry organisations

In brief, BS 5534 provides helpful information to assist users to comply with current standards and roofing regulations.

Latest changes to BS 5534 regulations

The most recent changes to BS 5534 regulations came into force in February 2018. They sought to address the improvement of roof security and structure.

The first part of the latest legislation refers to the fixing specifications for roofing slates and façade cladding slates. New standards for calculating fixing specifications state that all slates must be mechanically fixed to the roof. This involves installing dry ridge and hip systems, and in traditional roofing installations the use of mortar alongside mechanical fixings including nails, clips, and screws.

The second part of the legislation changes refers to the wind resistance of the roof. Over the last two decades, the UK has experienced increasing levels of extreme weather conditions. Gale force windows, heavy rain, and flooding have become more common across the country. This has placed increased strain on roofing materials.

To tackle the changes in climate, the new BS 5534 standards insist on a set of minimum performance requirements and a new method of calculating the wind resistance capacity of a roof. The new standards refer to a geographical wind zone table to determine wind uplift resistance. They also consider increased installation time to ensure that all roofs are as safe and secure as possible.

BS 5534 regulations are now closer to European standards, with tougher wind uplift calculations and an increased focus on improving weather resistance capacity.

High performance slates from SSQ

At SSQ, we have been supplying premium quality slates for over four decades. Our range of Spanish and South American slates have been used in roofing projects across the UK, including conservation area property refurbishments. Both our Del Carmen Spanish slates and our Riverstone phyllite slates are some of the highest quality slates available today.

All SSQ roofing slates are 100% compatible and compliant with all the latest British Standards regulations including BS 5534. For all roofing specialists including architects, designers, specifiers, and installers, SSQ slates are an outstanding product which will bring a touch of class and sophistication to any roofing project. Whether renovation or new build, when professionally installed, using SSQ slates will ensure that all industry regulations are met.

If you’re involved in the roofing industry and you’d like to find out more about working with SSQ as your professional slate supplier, contact us today. For more information about any of our products or services simply call 020 8961 7725 to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team or send us a message online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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