Natural slate is an inherently traditional construction material. It has been used for various applications, particularly roofing, for hundreds of years. Today, its unique aesthetic appearance makes it a popular choice for heritage property renovations and installations in conservation areas. Slate, however, is also a great choice for a range of modern applications. This is particularly true of our attractive and durable Riverstone slate.

Riverstone slate for modern roofing

Riverstone slate is a different kind of metamorphic rock which is formed in a similar way to other slates. When shale is subjected to extreme levels of heat and pressure over hundreds of millions of years, phyllite is formed. At SSQ, our Riverstone phyllite is harder, denser, and more durable than other slates and has a unique phyllitic sheen which gives it its attractive shimmering appearance.

Riverstone phyllite is often chosen as an alternative to other slates in many modern roofing projects. Its strength, longevity, and attractive appearance have proven popular with both residential and commercial roofing projects. Have a look at our recent Dundurn Walk project where we used Riverstone slates on a new-build luxury residential housing project to tastefully recreate the style of other local Victorian buildings.

Riverstone slate for cladding and flooring

The outstanding performance capacity of Riverstone slate makes it an excellent material for use when cladding a building. Cladding a building exterior helps to improve thermal performance, boost weather protection, and create an attractive exterior façade. At SSQ, we used Riverstone slates when working on Epiphany House, a Grade II listed building located in Cornwall. The roofing and stone cladding were part of an extension to the original building and once completed, the Riverstone slates perfectly complemented the original Cornish Delabole and Trevillet slates.

When used for flooring, Riverstone slates can be used in both exterior and interior installations. The slates can be cut into almost any shape required and for extra strength can be split thicker to withstand regular footfall or even for use as a driveway material. Riverstone slates are often specified for use in bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms because of the material’s excellent waterproofing capacity. Riverstone can be used in a variety of flooring applications to create a hard wearing, low maintenance finish for any room.

If you’d like to find out more about SSQ Riverstone or any of our slates, get in touch today. Call us on 020 8961 7725 or send us a message online.

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