An innovative new solution will allow Britain’s roofers to fit low-pitched roofs more quickly and effectively than ever before.

SSQ’s Weather Pro Roofing System is a revolutionary installation technique for natural slate that requires no eaves or ridge cut slates.

With its broken bond layout, it ensures the finished roof isn’t just functional but aesthetically pleasing, as well as significantly easier to fit.

Requiring 50% less slate than other systems, it allows for pitches as low as 12.5 degrees, and weighs only 19.7kg per square metre.

It’s also fully fire-rated, and requires 20% less batten that conventional installation methods.

“Slate is probably the oldest roofing material there is, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still innovate to make our customers’ lives easier,” comments SSQ Managing Director Ahmed El-Helw.

“In our attempts to make the fantastic natural slate products we supply even more versatile and user-friendly, we decided we needed a dedicated solution for low-pitched roofs.

“That was the inspiration behind our Weather Pro Roofing System, which we’re confident will help customers cater to an even wider range of lucrative projects.

This isn’t the only recent innovation from SSQ.

Last year, the company unveiled its Riverstone ridges – real Riverstone phyllite slates chemically bonded to a GRP waterproof layer.

Designed to deliver authentic aesthetics and outstanding performance, they’re also extremely easy to fit.

Supplied pre-drilled and with two stainless steel retaining screws, the ridges are permanently secured in place with the invisible RidgeFix method.

Ahmed continues: “If you want to learn more about our Weather Pro Roofing System, or any of the other products and systems we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch!”

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