Are you a builders merchant looking for a reliable supply of roofing materials? Perhaps you’re a roofing specialist who needs a regular supply of high-quality slates? If you work in the construction industry, you’ll know how availability of materials and speed of delivery can have a huge impact on project costs and outcome. At SSQ, we fully understand the importance of delivering materials on time. That’s why we have accumulated a large stockpile of Riverstone slates.

Thousands of Riverstone slate pallets ready for supply

At SSQ, we have spent the last 40 years importing Riverstone slates to the UK from Argentina. We have depots across the UK with thousands of Riverstone pallets ready for supply. This foresight of the SSQ supply chain specialists has enabled us to provide our customers with some of the fastest product delivery times in the construction industry.

During the last two years, the construction industry has experienced long supply delays on many building materials. The impact of the Covid pandemic combined with increasing post-Brexit import and export regulations has created ‘the perfect storm’ for slowing down trade. While many building contractors and suppliers suffered long supply delays, at SSQ, we were able to continue offering our customers super-fast lead times on our Riverstone slates.

Riverstone slates for UK builders merchants

summer house slate tiled roof

Riverstone slates are a premium roofing material that rival indigenous slates for both appearance and performance. Strong, durable, and aesthetically attractive, Riverstone slates have even been accepted for use in conservation areas across the UK. As a builders merchant, you want to be able to offer your customers the best roofing materials supplied quickly and efficiently. With Riverstone slates from SSQ, you can order pallets directly to your depot and offer your customers:

  • Super-fast lead times on slate delivery
  • 100-year weather tightness guarantee
  • Availability across the UK
  • Compatibility with heritage and new-build properties
  • Highest industry standards for water absorption capacity

As you can see, Riverstone slates from SSQ are an outstanding roofing product that will create a luxury finish to any roofing project. When combined with their unrivalled availability, when you choose Riverstone slates from SSQ, you’ll never miss another building project deadline.

To find out more about Riverstone slates or any of SSQ’s roofing materials, get in touch today. You can call us on 020 8961 7725 or contact us online.

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