Prices are increasing across the world. Due to globalization, every country has experienced inflation in almost every sector. This is particularly true in the construction industry. Over the last year, building materials have recorded a price increase every month. Many factors have impacted these price increases including political instability, supply chain problems, and shortages of raw materials.

At SSQ, we are doing everything we can to keep our slate prices as affordable as possible. Let’s take a closer look at our average prices and the main factors causing cost increases.

Lifetime costs of SSQ slates

Our Del Carmen Natural Slates have met the demanding English Heritage standards on numerous occasions, such as this large development in Somerset.

To provide a realistic idea of the cost of slate, it’s a good idea to consider the longevity of the slates alongside the initial financial outlay. Slates are one of the most durable and long-lasting roofing materials. Therefore, the initial cost is almost always outweighed by the years of use they provide with virtually no maintenance required.

Slate prices also vary from region to region due to transportation costs. If the slates need to be delivered to a remote location, prices will rise accordingly to factor in fuel costs. Slates can also see a reduction in price when bought in bulk. For roofing specialists and contractors, it is often more cost-effective to buy several pallets in preparation for future installations.

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Why are slate prices increasing?

As mentioned above, numerous factors are affecting slate price rises on a global scale. National and local issues are also contributing to price increases with general building material costs predicted to reach an all time high in the UK this year.

At SSQ, we have found that certain factors outside our control have had the largest impact on slate price increases. The leading causes include:

  • Rising costs of energy and fuel across Europe – Partly caused by war in Ukraine, energy costs have skyrocketed over the past six months. This has had a direct impact on all materials which are transported from Europe to the UK. When combined with increased Brexit legislation, it has created the perfect storm for prices to rise.
  • Inflation – This year UK inflation reached its highest rate since records began. As the economy struggled to recover from the Covid pandemic, rising labour costs, interest rates and energy prices caused this peak.
  • Spanish transport strike (2.5 weeks long) – In March this year, Spanish hauliers announced a national strike. This impacted deliveries and increased the haulage prices even further, directly affecting SSQ imports of Spanish slate to the UK.
  • Shortages of raw materials and the global supply chain crisis – The availability of natural materials has dropped around the world. Increased energy prices, political instability, and the Covid pandemic have all contributed to an unprecedented global supply chain crisis.

At SSQ, we are doing everything we can to keep our slate prices affordable. If you’d like an accurate quotation on any of our slates, we can provide some of the most competitive prices available today. Call us on 020 8961 7725 or contact us online to find out more.

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