Silverstone – roofing contractors’ favourite slate

SSQ Silverstone is grey in colour and is a smooth textured slate approximately 4-5mm thick with sawn dressed edges. It is sourced from North-West Spain in the heart of the quarrying region of Orense.

The roofing contractors’ favourite

Silverstone slate is very consistent and lightweighted material

Silverstone slate is very consistent and lightweighted material

A popular product amongst roofing contractors, it has a very distinct appearance due to its grain. It is speckled with inert mineral inclusions and its colour will not fade, even in the strongest sunlight.

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Reliable Quality

In addition to passing SSQ’s own rigorous quality-control tests, Silverstone has been tested in accordance with BS EN 12326. It carries the CE marking and is classified as ‘W1, T1, S1’. Silverstone has been also tested to the  rigorous Norm Francais (NF 228).

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The Silverstone Guarantee

Silverstone has ben tested to NF 228 and EN 12326, achieving A1-T1-S1 specification

Silverstone has been tested to NF 228 and EN 12326, achieving W1-T1-S1 specification

You should never have to bear any risk when you’re choosing what to put on your roof. If you can’t rely on the roof over your head, what can you rely on?

That’s why we take on all the risk and guarantee your Silverstone roof for 75 years. So you can sit back, relax and gaze contentedly at the smooth sea of unfading colour on your roof. – Click here to download the full Silverstone brochure now.


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