At SSQ, it is extremely important to us that all our customers are completely satisfied with our products. Sometimes poor-quality roofing installations can have a detrimental effect on otherwise high-quality slates. When it comes to our premium slates, Del Carmen Ultra and Riverstone, we never want this to happen. To protect against any problems with poor installation, we have created our Ultra Cover, combining our premium slates with only the best levels of professionalism and craftmanship.
Del Carmen Ultra

What is SSQ Ultra Cover

SSQ Ultra Cover involves working with a network of vetted and approved SSQ Assured Installers. All SSQ Assured Installers are experienced and highly skilled professionals with an in-depth knowledge of natural slate. Ultra Cover provides all customers with regular progress updates during the entire project and comes with a comprehensive third-party insurance-backed guarantee to ensure peace of mind.

Ultra Cover also combines our premium slates with a comprehensive range of high quality ancillaries. This ensures that our superior slates are not let down by inferior fixtures and fittings. Each installation that is part of the Ultra Cover scheme uses only the highest quality slates and other materials to ensure consistence of quality.

SSQ Ultra Cover – details and provisions

SSQ Ultra Cover is designed to offer customers the highest quality service and the best possible finished installation. To do this, Ultra Cover incorporates the following provisions:

  • UK’s best quality imported Spanish and Argentinean slates
  • Roof condition reports
  • Professional and comprehensive design advice
  • Complete roof system specification (all ancillaries excluding insulation & rafters)
  • Full roof take-off
  • Installation by quality assessed and vetted SSQ Assured Installers
  • 40-point checks on workmanship, specification compliance and progress
  • Inspections throughout installation by SSQ staff and AWM Surveyors
  • Project sign off by SSQ and AWM Surveyors
  • Slate weather tightness guarantee – 100 years
  • Latent Defect Insurance policy (materials, workmanship & design) – 10 or 12 years

By incorporating these provisions into the Ultra Cover scheme, we can provide an unrivalled level of quality for our premium slate design, supply, and installation projects.

If you’re involved in the roofing industry and you’d like to offer your customers the best in premium natural slates, SSQ Ultra Cover is the perfect choice. To find out more about Ultra Cover or any SSQ products and services, get in touch today. Give us a call on 020 8038 6454, send us a message online or e-mail



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